My current main research direction is the security of cyber-physical systems and autonomous vehicles. I aim at using principled software and hardware methods to address the security issues of real-world cyber-physical systems. In the past, I have been working on electronic design automation research at UC San Diego. Long before that, when I was an undergrad at Peking Univerity back in China, I have also worked on device physics research.

Selected Publications

  • M. Luo, A. C. Myers, G. E. Suh, “Stealthy Tracking of Autonomous Vehicles with Cache Side Channels”, in 29th USENIX Security Symposium, 2020, pp.859-876 [pdf] [slides][talk]

  • J. Liu, J. C. Davies, A. Ferraiuolo, A. Ivanov, M. Luo, et al., “Secure Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems Through Verifiable Information Flow Control”, in Workshop on Cyber-Physical Systems Security and PrivaCy (CPS-SPC), 2018, pages 48-59 (Best Paper Award). [pdf]

  • Z. Fang, M. Luo, F. Anwar, H. Zhuang, R. Gupta, “Go-realtime: a lightweight framework for multiprocessor real-time system in user space”, in ACM SIGBED Review, Vol 14, Issue 4, pp. 46-52. [pdf]

  • A. B. Kahng, M. Luo, S. Nath, “SI for Free: Machine Learning of Interconnect Coupling Delay and Transition Effects”, in ACM/IEEE International Workshop on System Level Interconnect Prediction, pp.1-8. [pdf]

  • M. Luo, R. Wang, S. Guo, J. Wang, J. Zou, R. Huang, “Impacts of Random Telegraph Noise (RTN) on Digital Circuits”, in IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, Vol 62, Issue, 6, pp. 1725-1732. [pdf]

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